DC Funhouse Introduction

cropped-dc_funhouse_concept2-w-copyright-and-TM-2-6-2014.jpgThe DC Funhouse has a carousel, and it just keeps going round and round. Lois Lerner’s corruption of the IRS gallups by as the caliope music plays, and then another Obamacare debacle follows when Aetna announces that its actual paid enrollment figures are 30% below the Administration’s estimates, a length behind that comes the revelation that the new HHS Secretary apparantly broke the law by ordering emails deleted, and then comes more international buffoonery from the Administration in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Gaza and Ukraine, followed by El Presidente’s self-made humanitarian crisis at and inside our southern border. And then round the bend comes Lerner again as a federal judge has now ordered her to demonstrate what happened to the emails that she alleges were destroyed during an ongoing investigation into her corruption. As we say at the DC Funhouse, stay tuned and Enjoy the Show!

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